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    InfoArtem Rynkovoy (Art Rynk)  , wide 3D artist-freelancer

    ICQ#: 280831836

    Born:Moscow,Russia, 27 years old

    Moscow Aerospace institute (MAI)


    Development&testing aircraft engineer


    2003-2005 Service engineer, database programmer "1C” , lead engineer
    2005 – Nikita games, 3D Artist:MMO "Sphere 2” 

     -texturing ,modeling props,environments artist

    -Characters setup,animate, tech consultant

    2005-2006- Snuch studio, lead 3Dartist, lead character artist, :indie game development 

    -Character modeling, Texturing,Environment&assets modelling ,texturing

    -Character setup, base animations (Biped,CAT, Bones)

    2006- Step games creative ,3d artist-lead 3d artist :
    publ.projects: Inhabited Island: The Earthling

    -Character modeling, Texturing,Environment&assets modelling ,texturing(3d max,Photoshop CS2)

    -Render&light setup(VRay,Scanline,MetalRay), Renderfarm support,

    -control work other artists

    2006 1C-Avalon style ent.

    proj.UAZ Racing 4x4
    proj.UAZ Racing 4x4:Call of ural

     Lead artist

    -Modeling , Texturing vehicles, props

    -export data to engine(Chrome engine,Techland)

    -Character modeling, Texturing,Environment&assets modelling ,texturing

    -Character setup, base animations (Biped,CAT, Bones)

    -Vehicles setup,animate,

    -export data to engine, engine data setup (Chrome Engine from Techland)


    First person tactical shooter

    Engine: JupiterEX from Monolith(F.E.A.R)

    lead 3D artist-tech supervisor

    -Character-weapons-assets modeling, texturing(3d max,Photoshop CS2,ZBrush,Mudbox)

    -Environment modelling ,texturing

    -Character-weapons  setup, setup data exchange pipeline (Max-Maya-Engine)

    -Vehicles setup,animate

    -manage content creation pipeline ,export data to engine, engine data setup


    -Manage work with outsource companies, receive-comment-approve works of other artist\outsource

    -Game scripting,features reserch

    2008-Curent time:

    Freelance /working on project Full drive 3 based  on UnrealEngine3 from Epic Games

    prof. Lead "of many things what we want to see in our project " , Lead character-modeller-art-tech.........and many other things


    assets modelling-texturing-rendering (3d max 9,Brasil Render) for browser MMO

    Low poly realtime character modelling texturing for BS Graphics(proj.future office for "Sberbank" russia)

    in-house technical-art upervising, nature assets modeling,texturing,engine setup, for Full Drive 3

    "Make something Unreal" competition: MOD for UT3"Prometheus" 2 place. As level designer-modeller-texture artist,also weapon&character artist


    -modeling characters, non-characters in 3dmax,Zbrush,Mudbox
    -texturing characters,tech,environments
    -setup skeleton, skinning, scripting, animate characters in 3D max Biped,Bones or CharacterAnimationTool(CAT) and what can do something(move,fly,explode etc.)
    -make data engineering:export-import, assemble content in engine,manage packages of content
    -art-direction supervising: comments outsource, teach other workers to do something
    -tech supervising: create pipelines, create custom tools in software(Scripts,automate proces etc.)
    -Setup light and materials in 3d max renders:Vray,MentalRay and base scanline
    -Setup&manage render farm pipeline in 3d max vRay, MentalRay,Base scanline



    3D max from 1 to 2008
    3d max renders:Vray,Mental Ray
    3Dmax Backburner net rendering setup
    Mudbox 2009
    Zbrush 2-3
    Adobe Photoshop CS2
    AdobeAfter Effects
    Maya 8.5-2008


    Chrome engine ,Techland(Call of Juarez)
    JupiterEX, Monolith(F.E.A.R)
    UnrealEngine 3 for licensee, Epic Games

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